We will review your application. If approved, we will schedule a interview. Then perform work eligibility verification, past employment, education verification, reference check, full criminal background screening.

Candidate shall provide accurate and necessary information for Agency to conduct background screening. Candidate acknowledges that all references submitted by Candidate may be contacted. Candidate shall schedule and appear to all confirmed interviews with potential Clients. Candidate accepts and understands that through criminal background screenings and past history verification is essential to be accepted by Agency. All of this information will be made available to prospective employers.

Candidate acknowledges and agrees that despite Agency’s best efforts to place Candidate with a client, there is no guarantee that employment will be obtained for Candidate. Candidate understands that ultimate employment is solely based on the Clients decision.

Candidate understands and agrees that the Agency is not the Candidate’s employer. Candidate and/or the Clients shall define the manner of Candidate’s services and provide any equipment necessary. The nature of the Candidate /Agency relationship is as independent contractors and the Agency merely provides a service whereby Candidate might find work with Clients as a source of referrals. Candidate is free to accept or reject any work referred by the Agency.

Candidate may work with other referral agencies and perform work for employers, not associated with this Agency and is encouraged to do so.

On-Call Services. Candidate shall not give their personal information, including but not limited to; phone numbers, email addresses or mailing address to any employing Client at any time, without written permission from the Agency. Candidate shall contact Clients THROUGH AGENCY ONLY and may only accept additional work requests from Clients, through Agency. At NO TIME may Candidate solicit work form Clients that are registered with Agency during the term of this Agreement.

Permanent Placement Services: Once Candidate has been permanently placed with a single Client for twelve (12) months, Candidate will no longer owe a duty to notify Agency of changes in the work commitment with Client.

Interviews: Candidate shall have no further contact with Client, if they were declined for a position after interview. Candidate agrees they will not call, text or email Client without written consent from the Agency. At NO TIME may Candidate solicit work from Clients that are registered with Agency during the term of this Agreement.

Candidate’s application and the permanent Client Work Agreement (if applicable), are incorporated to this Agreement, by this reference. Additionally, any Agency policies or handbooks currently in place or later adopted by Agency are incorporated by this reference.

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