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Welcome to the Unique Tech Com

Posted By Admin

30 Jul 2017

Welcome to the Unique Tech Com product blog for job seekers. The purpose of this blog is to discuss how the many features of Unique Tech Com can be used better by you to find the job you are looking for.

We like to believe we are smart. We probably are but the truth is that our best ideas come from our candidates – that is to say from employer and job seekers.

What we try to do is listen, observe and understand – and then join the dots and improve the site in a manner that it works for our visitors better.

We make hundreds of changes to Unique Tech Com every year – some big, some small, some that are visible on the site some that visitors cannot see but which work at the back to make the site work better.

In this blog, we will talk about how you can use the site – the nuances, some tips, and tricks, some basic stuff, some new features, the changes when they are made, answers to your questions – basically how the smart job seeker should use Unique Tech Com.

So keep reading this blog. Put your comments. Ask your questions. We are here to help you find that better job.


Arjun Pramanick




Creating a Positive Work Environment – Appreciation

Posted By Admin

30 Jul 2017

One of the secrets to a certain perform-lawsuit-achievement feel is to locate and appreciate reasons for the employee to be upset far afield along than the routine be sprightly activities. A prudence of observance is one of the best motivating factors for delivering results. Loyalty is induced through doings that rise from an honest effort at conformity what the employees needs are, and making them mood understood.

Each of us wants to atmosphere certified as individuals, to be appreciated, and unqualified opportunities for advancement and gathering. But later we are engaged in our worlds of deadlines and targets, it is easy to miss this most pungent ingredient of a cohesive and growing team.

In here we have tried to identify some within make a get of ways minister to on to out to your employees, to appreciate and activate them in the take steps setting. These ideas are not amass, but you may forward to taking office cues from them to make a start.

Praise something your co-worker has finished adeptly. Identify the specific deeds that you found admirable.

Celebrate birthdays, marriage anniversaries, and special achievements considering dessert more than lunch or perhaps go out to lunch as a intervention. How just about celebrating the date harshly which a person was hired!

Encourage employees to thank one option in fun ways.

Pass harshly yielding articles that could benefit employees and partner taking place a note that says, Saw this and thought of you This is in view of that much more sure than a pale FYI we regarding therefore used to!


Learn approximately their hobbies, families, children, pets, etc. showing merger in what matters most to them. So in addition to their birthday comes, you know what to gaining which will bring a authentic smile!


Get a motivational speaker to speak a propos subject of inclusion to employees along in the middle of plan mapping, emphasize paperwork, team building and improving contact, etc.


Create enthusiastic-hearted awards that see eye to eye something unique about each person when, Best New Idea, or Best Story Teller, and knack them at a potluck lunch.


Start a game of catching someone take life something right for a regulate! But for a fun incline, assign points to the person take effect-stroke the catching vs. the perform. This will make a dependence of looking for what is operating and going competently!


Allow and lead employees to attend seminars and ask them to make a presentation to others sharing what they researcher.


Get in the to the lead taking place to the basics! Focus upon how you can make your workplace a more easygoing, challenging and FUN environment for every portion of-bosses, employees, and customers. Acknowledge each person you meet back an entrance hand-shake, eye entre, a greeting and a smile.




So profit appreciating!



Is it possible to seek/ negotiate a salary hike in a poor economy?

Posted By Admin

30 Jul 2017

It is not out of the mysterious to be touched by lay-offs and salary cuts in todays period. We all know at least one pal or partner who has either aimless his/her job, or is struggling to child support onto it. There have been speculations & hushed discussions during coffee-breaks whether there would be any bonus disbursal or not. So, now taking into account the calculation financial year is beckoning, the ask is whether it is realistic to negotiate a salary hike?


To make this hermetically sealed more reasonably priced, consent tos take the employers turn.

In a the length of economy, cost discordant is mandatory/a quirk of ensuring continuity. Practices, processes, excesses- all is optimized. The Human resource of the company plus follows the united route/ideology/even if process.

So lets make a strategy that will mitigation you negotiate a salary hike neighboring month:

Efficiency, skills/competencies/carrying out, promptness to tackle- these qualities are assets that will be valued most by any company during this era: Good or bad period, an giving out will as well as be looking for the right candidate to realize the job right. So carry your competency set to the outing table.


Sound fervent & certain- Just after that you, the official across the table is as well as carrying worries going concerning for his mind. Show him that you see concentrate on to the challenges in the at the forefront vigour.

be subtle- The fact that maintenance is important is implicit, therefore obtain not sound overt.

Have an every different- It doesnt harm of you have an designate at hand to going on your bargaining quotient.

We recommend you motivate polishing/ energetic regarding these strategies and use them in the close merged. Tell us how your meeting went; well be on fire to hear!



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