Agami MYS - The Best School Management System

In brief this product takes care of managing most of the school related activities. This application has been created by thoroughly investigating the needs of a school.

To take it further we are offering a fully hybrid mode of usage, which essentially means that the users need to internet to capture data, and it makes the software more usable and data capture more efficient than other similar software. The offering has android app to capture things like student attendance, Hostel, Fee Management, Pay Slip, Assignment, Mobile Notification, teacher attendance, publishing examination results, Transportation, Mobile Application and more.


Why earning for others? While watching commercials while using your own electricity, own internet data pack?
What if your tv will become your earning pal!

Just watch our advertisement 4 hours daily on TV and earn 4500 Rs. Per month (out of 30 days 24 days) server timing for advertisement 9 AM to 11:30 PM

32’’-- 14000/- TV + 24000/- SOFTWARE = TOTAL 38000 
40’’--- 23000/- TV + 24000 - SOFTWARE + 6000 - Home theatre = TOTAL 53000 
REFERRAL COUPON = 2400 x 10 = 24000/-

Note: 11 month + 7 month grace period = 18 months agreement on 100 Rs. Stamp paper

Just watch our advertisement 6 hours daily on TV and earn 6500 Rs. Per month (out of 30 days 24 days) server timing for advertisement 9 AM to 11:30 PM

32’’-- 14000/- TV + 24000/- SOFTWARE = TOTAL 38000 
40’’--- 23000/- TV + 24000 - SOFTWARE + 6000 - Home theatre = TOTAL 53000 
REFERRAL COUPON = 2400 x 10 = 24000/-

Note: 11 month + 7 month grace period = 18 months agreement on 100 Rs. Stamp paper

Franchise Details

  • FRANCHISE FEE: 3,00,000/-

Franchise payout
1 - 10 led = 4449
11 - 20 led = 5449
21+ led = 6449
Royalty for home base  - 250/- and commercial - 400/-

And Others Facilities....


Low cost BPO project

A portal designed mainly for the entrepreneurs to promote their businesses and meeting their target audience. It works with the concept of Digital Marketing & Online Promotion of the Businesses.

We are providing the details of TELESALES PROJECTS.

For the Project, A client should completes the following Requirements:-
Should have its own office space,
Minimum 5-10 Seater
Internet Connection
DATA For Calling

Revert on urgent basis as soon as possible.

Glam Studios | India’s First Brand of Affordable Salons

Glam Studios as your salon brand. As you might be aware, a totally novel and revolutionary concept, Glam Studios is India's first brand of affordable salons. 

Within a short span of  an year,  it has grown from 3 salons in January 2016 to 100+ salons in Delhi/ NCR and Hyderabad, thereby becoming India's fastest growing salon chain as well. We are in the process of rapid expansion this year, and are looking for like minded and ambitious partners pan India. 

Our company has won many awards and accolades so far and the latest feather in their cap was added when we were in the Top 3 Franchise Brands out of 3200 entries; shortlisted by Franchisee India on a reality show on Times Now TV (to be aired in June)

Glam Studios offers support at a level that no other Salon Franchise Brand does, in the form of 360 degree marketing, continuous staff training, free salon management software, recruitment help and product and procurement support. Apart from these, we charge the minimum franchisee fee in the salon industry, which makes it easy for like minded and forward thinking salons to partner with us with minimum investment.

Here’s a look at how a partnership with Glam Studios would benefit you and your salon:

1- A tie up with India’s fastest growing salon brand, one that is revolutionizing the industry through the use of technology, and provides unparalleled support to its franchisees

2- Glam Studios will provide the internal communication material (ratelist, billbook, guestbook, feedback booklet,vouchers etc)

3- Glam Studios will offer free cloud based software to manage day to day operations and billing

4-  Glam Studios will provide uniforms to the salon staff

5- Glam Studios will help in recruitment of salon staff with a prior communication of one week, and also provide emergency staff as and when required

6- Glam Studios will provide both technical and soft skills training to salon's staff at no cost

7- Glam Studios will perform both online and offline marketing activities 

8- Glam Studios  will manage all online listing platforms for the salon

9- Glam Studios will help the salon in product procurement with better credit, credibility and discounts through corporate tie ups

10- Glam Studios will give  branding support through provision of all interior and exterior designs

11- Glam Studios will send customers through its online portals and corporate tie ups to partner salons, thus increasing their top lines

12-  Glam Studios will conduct regular scheduled / mystery audits to ensure proper SOP's are followed


Requirement distributor and retailer in all over India.

Digital voter ID card project is central government authorized project, And It is mandatory for all. T Money is one of the authorized vendor. T Money is authorized only for entry not printing, PVC card will deliver customer address within 30 days by courier service.
Per state one master distributor, per district one distributor and retailer will process (entry all details) for Voter Card.

T Money provide portal base service. We've been working for two years. At first we started from hotel Booking, Bus Ticket Booking, Domestic and International Flights Booking, Electricity Bill, Prepaid, Postpaid Bill , Fund Transfer etc. 
And now Voter ID card project is included. Some services are added soon. 


1) Recharge - a) Phone, b) Data card, c) DTH

2) Bill Pay - a) Phone, b) Landline, c) Electricity Bill

3) Flight - a) National, b) International

4) Fund Transfer - Any Bank

5) Pan Card

6) A/C Opening

7) Voter ID Card*

8) Hotel Booking 

9) Bus Booking 

10) AEPS - a) Deposit, b) Withdrawal, c) Balance Inquiry **coming soon 

11) GST **coming soon 

12) Passport & Visa **coming soon 

13) Railway Ticket Booking **coming soon


Minimum 20,000 to 50,000


  • Retailer : 5,000 + GST Non-refundable.  
  • Distributor : 10,000 + GST Non-refundable.
  • Master Distributor : 50,000 + GST Non-refundable.  

Placement & Business Outsource Franchise

We are hereby helping you by informing the work procedure in details.

First of all, we hereby making a clear statement about what you need to spend For us and what you will get from us.

As a Franchise fees amount, you need to pay 25,000 INR. & you also need to submit Either your Company Profile or your Identity Profile which have to Contain ( Aadhaar, Pan, Voter Card, Highest Educational Qualification, Bank Information Proof, And Passport Photo).

You will get an agreement, A portal user Id & Password.

We have two Portals One is Unique Tech Com Which is placement portal & other is Unique Bazaar which is B2B and B2C Portal.

A margin Profit of Rupees 500 to 7,000 each profile ( Payment will be within 30th to 120th Day).

Requirement : One system with net connection. 

What is Your Role?

For Unique Tech Com, You have to Collect Candidate’s CV For placement. And others site in Unique Bazaar you have submit Business profile for their advertisement. And marketing our listed projects. 

To enrol your name submit your details in

**N.B.: Do not invest any other Projects

The Pool Café promoting two most popular industry Food & Game.

Business Overview
The Pool Café promoting two most popular industry Food& Game. Food is one of the biggest industry of the world, it is very close to our heart ,and the food sector has emerged as a high-growth and high-profit sector due to its immense potential for value addition. Indoor gaming is very interesting and has a huge potential of growth. People love to spend time with games and age is no bar as we have received great response from elderly people as well. We are unique in many ways which is helping us to attract customers very fast and retain them.

It’s all about fusion of Games and Food.
As we know food and games has huge potential and it is a billion dollar industry.
It’s a huge entertainment package.
It is a unique concept which has huge potential to spread PAN India.

Key Factor While Opening A Sports Cafe:
Location – It is the most important thing when we consider doing any business. Location decisions can have a big impact on costs and revenues. Cost Management - Cost management is concerned with the process of planning and controlling the budget of a project or business. And we provide you the best budget plan.
Chef Assistance – Having a good and multitasking chef is a good asset to the business. We will help you in every possible way in this concern.
Training - The training will give the employee a greater understanding of their responsibilities within their role, and in turn build their confidence. ... Improved employee satisfaction and morale – the investment in training that a company makes shows employees that they are valued. The training creates a supportive workplace.
Marketing - The heart of your business success lies in its marketing. Most aspects of your business depend on successful marketing. The overall marketing umbrella covers advertising, public relations, promotions and sales. 
Taxation - Tax planning strategies are typically employed to help a business achieve their financial and business goals. Corporate Tie-ups - Companies' go for tie-up with restaurants/cafes for good rates and good
services. Also every restaurant/cafe makes effort to form alliance with corporate clients for guaranteed business and build strong client base. Eg. Zomato, Swiggy etc.

Investment amount will be 7-10 Lakhs depending upon location and cafeteria space and we expect
an ROI in 1-2 years.
Space :- Space required for set up 500 sqft – 2000 sqft.

Franchise in advertising Sector

Catchy Pixel outdoor advertising solutions to help awesome brands connect with their viewers using captivating and engaging marketing messages. Our product design convert from a mobile LED screen advertising billboard to a super impressive big LED display for events!

Passionate about ideas and creativeness, we provide impressive and effective brand encounters and immersive promotion strategies.

Our interactive advertising networks offer to reach to specific target audiences in a new and impressive way by allowing instant access to displayed promotions. Our fully interactive media touch screens are placed in busy, ideal places. This provides a unique opportunity to promote your business to everyone within geographical locations.

In order to provide these services in a joyful manner, our skilled professionals utilize impressive ideas and latest technique. Further, we invest in to provide these services at market leading prices with zero complaints from clients' end.

Our services are reliable and timely executed by our skilled team. Moreover, our experts work in close coordination and as per our client’s specific demand.


Franchise Details

  • FRANCHISE FEE: 5,00,000/- Per Every Postal Code (3,00,000/- Non Refundable & 2,00,000* Interest Free refundable deposit)
  • 3 Years Agreement, Renew on Mutual concern.
  • COMMISSION STRUCTURE FOR FRANCHISEE:  ₹4000/- & 07% Direct Income for Each LED Installation (₹ 6870/-).


(Monthly Sales, Counted as Per Franchisee Genealogy)

No of Sales                             Royalty(Monthly)

11-25                                                  2%

26-50                                                  3%

51-100                                                4%

101-200                                              5%

201-500                                              6%

501-1000                                            7%

1001 & More                                     10%



  1. Laptop- 01
  2. LED For Office- 01
  3. Office Branding
  4. Standy-Canopy- 02Set
  5. Notepade- 100No
  6. Pamphlets- 50,000
  7. Automated Software
  8. Backend Support
  9. Live Tracker App


BPO, Govt. Non Govt Projects and others business outsourcing

We Have clients who are in search of some Genuine centres who are ready to work with full potential.


We do have following processes for the Centres


Domestic Mobile Customer Care Inbound 


Nature of Job: Inbound handling Training and support: Online/Onsite

Pay out per seat – 41,500 + GST


Domestic banking inbound


Nature of job: Inbound handling for Indian bank

Pay out per seat: 45000 + GST


Target Customer Care Inbound


 Nature of Job: Inbound handling for

 Pay out per seat – $1500 per Seat


Digital Meter setup District Wise Allotment Direct Company Signup. 

Digital #Meter setup #District Wise Allotment ----
Direct Company Signup. 
Replacement Old Meter. And Setup New Digital Meter.
Single Meter - Per District Minimum 80,000 Meter. 
Double Meter Same. 
Materials provided by company at site.
Manpower capacity minimum 40 person.
Upfront Applicable....
Process time 3 to 5 days.
Documents Required:
Company Proofs ( Pvt. ltd / Partnership/ Proprietorship / Ltd )
(Director’s Proof/ Owner Proofs/ Proprietor’s proof), Company Profile, Bank account details, Aadhaar Card etc. 
Selection Criteria: Priority to experienced Center
Fresher may also apply

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